That time we went glamping in a vintage airstream called Peggy Sue

Losing my Dad in January meant the past 9 months weren't the easiest, so when Easter popped up in the calendar we were desperate to get away and have some time to unwind and refresh. Having stumbled across Happy Glamper on Instagram we decided we'd splurge a little and look into glamping on the Mornington Peninsula. As soon as we went onto the Happy Glamper website we fell in love with Peggy Sue the vintage airstream <3 We had to have her!

And so it was that over the long weekend at Easter, we had her to ourselves, plugged into a powered site at the Tyrone Foreshore Campground. Although we spent a lot of time just chilling out in Peggy Sue reading, watching Netflix, or in Tom's case, playing ukulele (his newest obsession), we also ventured out on day trips to Flinders, Sorrento, San Remo, Phillip Island (penguins!) and Arthur's Seat as well as a bunch of other stops along the way.

One of the highlights was going to Flock of Seagulls, an indoor market of local handmade items and used furniture and second hand clothes. We also enjoyed brunch at Picknics cafe in Rye and somewhere at Mt Eliza I can't recall the name of. The peninsula sure knows how to treat us Melbourne folk to some fine produce.

In the evenings we cooked on a single stove gas burner next to Peggy Sue, and enjoyed relaxing inside her spacious (and warm) inner sanctum.

As you'll see in the photos below, we also enjoyed a couple of beautiful evenings and one sunrise down on the Tyrone beach foreshore. Tom bought the kerosene lamp on a whim on the way down to the Peninsula and it soon became a feature of the weekend! Even leaving our car smelling like kerosene (thanks honey). The perfect way to remember a great weekend away xx

When you follow the sign that says 'Cactus Farm' and you're a long way from home

Just a couple of tips from me. If you end up at a cactus farm at the tail end of Summer in the middle of the day, wear suncream. Secondly, if you end up at this particular cactus farm, make sure you've got some time on your hands, because there is a LOT to learn.

Tom and I were driving home from the border of NSW/VIC one Sunday after a wedding and we saw a sign which said "Cactus Farm". Being a fan of all things tall and spiky I looked at Tom and he looked at me, and we quickly turned around and followed the sign.

It took a while to find the elusive farm, but when we found it boy were we rewarded. Turns out this little dot on the map is home to the nation's largest, most mature collection of cacti. Mr Fields who first planted the cacti garden became intested in the species after reading a boy's annual as a child which had instructions on how to graft two cacti to make a new variety. From then on he was hooked. As a young man he went off to war, but when he returned, he pursued his passion, even buying a share in a German cacti expedition. The trip resulted in Mr Fields' exotic collection of cacti from all over the world.

We were lucky enough to meet his lovely son Robert who is equally as passionate about cacti, and gave us a tour of the garden telling us many stories along the way. Seriously, if you're ever near Tennyson, you must give Robert a call and drop in. He's on 03 5488 2244.

The Solomon Islands

Last September I had the honour of going to the Solomon Islands with World Vision to see their gender violence program Channels of Hope in action.

Working with churches, World Vision is training pastors in understanding the equality of men and women in God's eyes so that they can teach their people violence against women isn't ok.

Sadly in the Solomons women are abused - verbally, emotionally, physically - when their husbands perceive they are being disobedient or not fulfilling their role as cook and household servant. It's a tragic situation for a country full of such beautiful people. But I was lucky enough to see that Channels of Hope is working and giving people dignity and a new paradigm of love. It's incredible!

Images copyright World Vision Australia/Sophie Timothy Photography.

The start of something new

I've read so many times that to keep yourself fresh as a photographer you have to keep pursuing personal projects and taking photos of things you aren't paid to take photos of. So this space is designed to encourage me to do that, and to share some of those images with the world.

It's also a place for me to be a bit experimental with editing. If you like the style of something, let me know. Often I'm a bit afraid to experiment on people's wedding photos. But if you want me to, I'm happy to.

So for my first post, some old photos taken at our previous rental featuring our cat Gus. He's a personality.