Why I can’t wait to work with you.

You’re awesome. I just know it.

You’re a bit offbeat. You do things your own way. You don’t follow traditions.

You know how to have fun, but also don’t mind expressing your emotions. You love getting together with friends and family, but want to party with them, rather than be the centre of attention.

You have good taste – your wedding is going to be RAD. Maybe there’ll be confetti, perhaps your dog is the ring bearer, or maybe you’ve hired tipis because who needs white tablecloths and sash ribbons?

You want a photographer who won’t force you into awkward poses, who is unobtrusive and who will help you relax in front of the camera. You want someone to capture your nearest and dearest in their element and leave you with photos that will remind you just how amazing life is.

Let’s do this!

A bit about Me in the form of a list of Things I Love

  • A good thunderstorm
  • Three-quarter lattes (that’s three quarters milk, not strength)
  • Cats, and cat related memes
  • The smell of Sellotape
  • A good pinot
  • Cheesy Christmas carols
  • GoldFM 104.3 (no shame in that, people!)
  • Poetry
  • When grooms cry
  • Dogs at weddings
  • Kids at weddings
  • My one year old son, Max
  • That feeling when you’re finished shooting a wedding but you actually don’t want it to end.